where pathfinders meet

basecamp is a space to
discover what we’re missing

basecamp is where we gain the insights to make new maps to an undiscovered world of human flourishing.

here is a global safe space where we meet to:
_ ask the most important questions we’re not asking
_ start the most important conversations we’re not having,
_ engage with the perspectives we don’t meet enough

your social brain +

the big picture is getting harder and harder to see. we are flooded with information but distracted from the questions that really matter. we master new knowledge and skills, but continue to be victims of our own blind spots. we rely on artificial intelligence, but it reproduces our own biases.

at basecamp, you leverage real, human intelligence to help you cope with complexity. diverse human connections and authentic conversations expand your awareness and your senses, so that you can hear better, see farther, and discover new pathways to a better future.

your gym to exercise genius +

at basecamp, original thoughts happen by design. you put yourself into a mix of people who are missing from your daily life. together you ask the most important questions that aren’t being asked enough. you have authentic conversations that go deep and explore perspectives different from your own.

basecamp is also your safe space to try the unfamiliar. here you can practice and strengthen rare capabilities to bridge differences, hear and speak deeply, and think originally.

a human medium +

social media and algorithms try to box each of us into our own echo chambers.

basecamp is where we escape those digital walls and step back into the wider world of human connection and understanding. it’s where we equalize the opportunity to be heard and reclaim the power to pay attention to what matters most to a good life.

global and inclusive +

you name it, we are it.

the community of campers spans every continent and includes business executives, policy makers, drug addicts, writers, entrepreneurs, elders, youth, rock-and-roll legends, activists, artists, researchers, thoughtful citizens…and you?

we all strive to come to basecamp as our whole selves, and leave our titles behind. at basecamp, who you are, how you think and what you see is far more important than what you’ve done.

at basecamp, the test is not to be the best or the brightest. the test is to be brave enough to open up and share something that helps us all to realize something bigger than what we can understand alone.

a triumph of the commons +

you name it, we are it.

without exception, every camper gives: intellectually, emotionally — and financially.

by coming to basecamp, every camper takes the giving pledge and enters into an equal social compact with all campers:

“As a camper, I pledge to give to basecamp according to my circumstance. By giving, I keep basecamp free from money barriers. By giving, I help give myself a safe, inclusive space for growth, genius and discovery.”

a protected habitat +

basecamp is a “habitat for humanity.” it is a registered non-profit organisation (in Canada). the governance structures of basecamp are designed to ensure that this rare habitat is perpetually protected as a collective gift to humanity on behalf of all campers.

hopeful +

basecamp is founded on the faith that if we can find and protect a safe space where we can all meet as our whole selves, then:

– each of us will gain insight
– social intelligence will emerge
– and we will find new ways for one and all to flourish.

all in the company of authentic, thoughtful, curious, playful people from every walk of life and from all around the world.
basecamp was discovered in 2018 by the explorer Chris Kutarna.