Ask bigger questions.

We need to rethink. But not alone.

We are missing big things.
It’ll take courage to find them.
Some of them, we can only find together.

Welcome to

basecamp is a global gathering space where we can see big things from different perspectives and discover what we’re missing.

Come join the conversation and begin new journeys of discovery.

‘deep insights from people from all parts of the globe.
– scott

‘warm and expansive. what a gift!’
– hannah

What to expect
at basecamp

Each basecamp
_ Gathers around a big, brave question
_ Is a 90-minute virtual video event in English
_ Is a global conversation open to people from around the world
_ Starts with a mind-grenade
_ Moves into small-group conversations to get real and explore more

Once registered, you will receive exclusive content leading up to the conversation and video login details.

What basecamp
expects of you

_ To leave your titles at the door
_ To bring both courage and respect
_ To bring fuel for the fire

basecamp is a non-profit organization funded only by the price you choose to pay.

Next conversations

Come join the global conversation. Discover what you’re missing. Help others do the same.

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Consider the invitation a call to action, a chance to roll up your sleeves and reshape some of the toughest challenges we face in our modern world. Sit down with the icons, the wise, the brash and innovative for an intimate conversation and leave subtly, but deeply, changed.


Run, don’t walk to basecamp.


_ Sophia

basecamp is where brave conversations begin.